What is a tracking domain?

tracking domain is the "long domain" owned and controlled by you, for which we will report all click traffic from all Linkhawk users. All click traffic on your tracking domain, including clicks on links that were created by other Linkhawk users, will appear in your dashboard. 

For example, the tracking domain for The New York Times is "nytimes.com", and the tracking domain for Tech Crunch is "techcrunch.com". 

Keep in mind that a tracking domain cannot be the same as your custom short domain.

You must have FTP access (File Transfer Protocol) to your tracking domain. Some sites, for example, wordpress.com, allow you to purchase a domain but they do not give FTP access to users. 

In order to set up your tracking domains, please document your list of domains, your account name, and your Linkhawk username, then send them to your Account Manager or in a request using the link below.