My Linkhawk dashboard

Linkhawk's dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your top links and activity.

You can set a date range, export data, and drill down to specific details as you navigate the page. All of the following metrics are displayed for the group you've selected in the upper right corner of the page, after the CREATE button.

  1. TOTAL CLICKS - Clicks all of your short links have received.
    Links CREATED - Links you and your team members have shortened.
  2. Date range selector - A calendar selector to enter a date range for the dashboard metrics.
    EXPORT - Exports the metrics above into a CSV file.
  3. TOP LINKS - The most-clicked short links that have been created by your Linkhawk account.
  4. TOP REFERRERS - The top referrers generating clicks to your Linkhawk link traffic.
  5. TOP LOCATIONS - The top countries generating clicks to your Linkhawk short links.