How can I create a new campaign?

You can create a new campaign by following the steps below:

  • 1.     Click on 'Campaigns' in the navigation
  • 2.     Click the button 'Create a new campaign'
  • 3.     Enter a title for your campaign
  • 4.     Select a user group
  • 5.     Paste in the long URL you would like to shorten
  • 6.     Adapt the URL code if you want (optional)
  • 7.     Insert tags to categorize the link (optional)
  • 8.     You can add an unlimited number of shortlinks for the target link by clicking on the 'Add another link' button
  • 9.     Click 'Create campaign'

  • To provide you with an overview, all the campaigns you create will be displayed on a single campaign dashboard.